Curtain Side Trailer Repairs

The curtainside trailer is one of the most flexible (pun intended!) pieces of equipment available to haulage firms, as they can be used for loads of all kinds with a wide variety of loading options and yet are suitable for one-person operation.  But like any other heavy duty item, these trailers are subjected to wear and tear on a daily basis and frequently require maintenance.

Curtain side trailer repairs can range from tears in the tarp to broken runners, and also include issues which could affect any type of HGV trailer like damaged lights or bodywork.  When it comes to making repairs to a curtainside trailer Leicester hauliers may find themselves having to take their vehicles to a depot many miles from their base of operations.  This takes up valuable time in what is a fast paced industry.

Midland Truck Tech are a HGV repair company with a difference: we are entirely field-based, meaning we carry out repairs to our customers’ goods vehicles on their own premises.  This saves time and money, and is one less thing to worry about for the busy transport professionals who make up our client base.  Our services include curtainside trailer repairs, as these trailers are a major part of many haulage fleets.

Curtainside Trailer Maintenance

If it wasn’t for the curtainside trailer UK industry would look very different.  Imagine the repeated struggle of loading and unloading all your pallets of goods on closed box trailers!  Keeping your curtainsiders in good condition is a key part of fleet maintenance, and is a large part of our business here at Midland Truck Tech.

Whether you need to book a curtainside trailer repair or just want to ask questions about our comprehensive mobile HGV and trailer repair service, get in touch with Midland Truck Tech today.

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